Products that will help you grow a beard

Products that will help you grow a beard

  • By - Jeffrey Diaz
  • 16 June, 2020
There is nothing unmanly about taking care of yourself. We all run combs through our hair, clean our clothes and make sure to brush our teeth. The beard is a shining jewel of an innate biological strength we all possess. It requires a whole range of beard care essentials that not only give you the vitality you need, but also leave you looking and smelling great.

We believe that caring for yourself helps you become a better man. And if it starts with something as simple as growing and maintaining a beard, well then that’s something we can get behind one hundred percent.

The best way to alleviate common itches and other “growing pains,” is through our staple product – beard oil. It’s a hydrating mixture of completely organic and natural oils that helps to soften and moisturize your beard hair. It doubles as both a nourishing and styling product. Your skin produces sebum, and when your beard grows it needs more of that. This is why beard oil is an absolute necessity when you grow a beard.

Beard balm, waxes, and creams also provide your beard with the nourishment it needs to encourage growth and soften out brittle and dry hairs. Additionally, we offer a range of shampoos, body washes and hair pomade made with the same natural ingredients for the rest of your body.

One of our most exciting product lines is our range of growth products. These are intended for new growers who may have experienced lackluster results in the past when they’ve tried growing a beard. Our growth oil is specifically made to counteract negative pollutants in the environment and send you on your way towards having a much fuller and healthier facial forest.

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